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Confront your Childhood Traumas

With the Soul Connection Method

If you sense shadows of trauma from your childhood, the Soul Connection Method can help you identify pain and anxiety from your past, and provides the tools to confront it at the source to heal your mind, body, and soul – all in the comfort of your own home.

During this online therapy course you will dive into your subconscious, unblocking remnants of your life to deal with past issues and build a new future. Your subconscious is a powerful tool that knows what you should do, and in what order. This course helps you harness that power.

99% of participants have established what we call ‘Soul Contact’ in their first session, effectively beginning their journey to confront their childhood traumas.

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After the course I am unbelievably calm all the time. I am full of love.
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At first I thought that the course was somehow a hoax, but it turned out to be real science and physiology.
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Today finally I looked in the mirror with new eyes. The smile came from my eyes … have I become crazy? But if so, I prefer that because this feels like love.
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I received tremendous help in all in all life management and how to handle emotions through these means. The course could not have been better.
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The course was a prerequisite for growth and self-exploration, and encountering scary things is no longer so frightening.
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The course was relaxing and empowering, and in some unimaginable way I managed to get in touch with my deep-frozen inner child.
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Years I have dealt a lot of different topics in therapy, but this is a truly in-depth method that drills open the deepest feelings during the process.
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It seems to me that something fell in place and I got keys, which I have been looking for many years.
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The Soul Connection Method has been a valuable support and a key to blocks that I couldn’t enter before.
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Therapy for childhood trauma & Adverse childhood experiences

The effects of childhood trauma can last well into adulthood and childhood misfortunes make everything more difficult in life. Childhood trauma also affects adult relationships in many ways. Unresolved childhood trauma can be healed.

Childhood Trauma resulting from emotional coldness, mental / physical abuse, or violence of any kind, can remain hidden deep in the subconscious mind long into adulthood. Although they may go undetected, the memories connected to such experiences can negatively affect the body in many ways and create problems later in life, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, control and trust issues, and relationship problems.

The Soul Connection Method is a sensitive, but highly-effective soul recovery process. It helps to free your unconscious mind from past restraints by guiding you through a rewarding, life-affirming journey to find your inner strength, heal your soul, and rediscover your lost childhood. Start your journey with our easy-to-use 6-day course, which includes powerful techniques designed to cleanse and heal your inner child.


Open up your past. Take control of your future.


Self-help therapy has many advantages over professional one-on-one counselling: It’s convenient, cheap and you can do it in your own time when it suits you the best. Self-help therapy can also be an effective first step if you are unsure whether or not to seek help, or if you don’t want to have one-on-one therapy.

The Soul Connection Method is guided self-help therapy for childhood traumas and an effective therapy enhancement course that will help you to dive deep into your subconscious to deal with past issues and build a new future.

Affordable online therapy & Low cost therapy

Online therapy courses can help you start a journey of healing emotional and mental distress. You can do self-therapy in your own time to help with problems like stress, anxiety and depression. Self-therapy is also quite low cost and cheap therapy, since online therapy is often much more affordable compared to 1-on-1 therapy sessions. When you’re looking for cheap therapy online and different therapy options, the Soul Connection Method is effective self help therapy and self healing therapy.

– Woman, 42 YEARS OLD

“I got nice memories from my childhood. Before the course I was stressed and tired. Afterwards I felt calm and refreshed. This course helped me to reach my inner self, which, in this busy everyday life, remains pretty much ‘under the surface’, hidden. This course strengthened me.”

– Man, 60 years OLD

The course was interesting, relaxing and empowering, and in some unimaginable way I managed to get in touch with my deep-frozen inner child, and this all in all felt feasible and safe. Now after the course I am more conscious and hopeful and I believe that recovery is possible. Thank you!

– Woman, 36 years old

“It seems to me that something fell in place and I got keys, which I have been looking for many years.

Time will tell more detail what the results are, but after the course I noticed my body relaxing and the joy of life has begun to be found.”


For €126,48, you’ll get unlimited access to the full ‘Soul Connection Method’ course. In this easy-to-follow, 6-day course you’ll receive…

Video material

Written material

Audio material


All course materials are provided in a simple, systematic order, allowing you to get the most out of your experience.


We recommend creating a safe, calm, stress-free environment for you to relax in and enjoy this course and unlock elements of your life.


The methods used in this course include highly-effective processes to help you access your subconscious mind.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain!

This course is designed to be simple to use and requires very little effort, but it will have a profound impact on your life. Allow yourself to take all you can from this, you deserve it! We have witnessed incredible results from many people, but they all have one thing in common…they didn’t give up! Trust the process, harness the power within, and discover a better way to live your life.

The Birth of Soul Connection Method

It’s a long story, but here’s the short version:

Growing up, my childhood was far from normal. Exposed to alcoholism and violence regularly is bound to leave scars – deep ones. Over the years, I sought help with various therapies. It was clear to me that the unconscious mind knows exactly what we need, but I couldn’t find the right process to guide me on this powerful healing journey.

So, I created one – The Soul Connection Method

Through this process, I’ve been able to unburden the heavy load of my own unconscious traumas to positively empower my adult life and dramatically improve my wellbeing. It has grown into a tool that is helping many other people connect with their unconscious mind, discover their inner child, and tap into the wisdom hidden deep in the seat of the soul. I hope it helps you too!

Maija Luomala – Founder of Soul Connection Method

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