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The Soul Connection Method


A sensitive, but highly-effective soul recovery process for you to restore balance and order in your life. It helps to free your unconscious mind from past restraints by guiding you through a rewarding, life-affirming journey to find your inner strength and heal your soul.

Start your journey towards a better tomorrow, today


Who is this course for?

During this online course you will dive into your subconscious, unblocking remnants of your life to deal with past issues and build a new future. Your subconscious is a powerful tool that knows what you should do, and in what order. This course helps you harness that power – almost 100% of course participants have established what we call ‘Soul Contact’ in their first session.


Open up your past. Take control of your future.


“Wow! This course is very effective. More than I could have ever even imagined.” – Feedback from a 40-year-old woman


In this easy-to-follow, 6-day course, you’ll receive…

Video material | Written material | Audio material


Course Curriculum

  • START HERE: Welcome to Soul Connection (27:40)
  • DAY 1: Preliminary Exercises (15:25)
  • DAY 2: The Actual Course Day (110:58)
  • DAY 3: Strengthening Exercises, course summary + tasks (14:08)
  • DAY 4: Encourage Yourself Gently + Exercise (3:25)
  • DAY 5: Strengthening and Healing exercise
  • DAY 6: Silencing the Saboteur


Start your journey today

You are just few clicks away from accessing the Soul Connection Method – the powerful online therapy enhancement course that is helping many people heal their minds, bodies, and souls – all from the comfort of their homes.