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“When I participated on the course I was overly stressed, I was feeling tired and tense, I was constantly thinking about unfinished things and now – first time in years – I had an opportunity to really calm down. The course was interesting and surprising. It liberated, strengthened, and I got rested. I did not really know what I was expecting from this course, but I felt that my expectations were fulfilled. Absolutely endearing.

I truly recommend everyone to have an open mind what comes to this kind of an approach to face the twists and turns of the mind, because this surely was effective. I received tremendous help in all in all life management and how to handle emotions through these means. The course could not have been better.”

Woman, 34 years old

“At first I thought that the course was somehow a hoax, but it turned out to be real science and physiology – hence even scientifically explained. Before I participated on the course I actually thought that this course is woo woo since the word ‘soul’ is connected to its name :D. But the course was absolutely a great experience.

Years I have dealt a lot of different topics in therapy, but this is a truly in-depth method that drills open the deepest feelings during the process. I did not know that this would even exist. I tell you that no one will believe me when I tell my experience since I almost do not believe it myself. It has been a fierce, awesome experience that you have to try for yourself, otherwise you do not believe its power. After the course I felt confident, surprisingly positive and relaxed. The course helped me to get more advanced in my own process. I was in the right place at the right time!”

Woman, 41 years old

“Last Monday I attended the Soul Connection Method -course. First I was frustrated, I also became angry that I do not succeed with this either, but after I gave up on controlling myself, all of a sudden, I began to write, get responds and receive instructions. Slowly I’ve begun also to trust the process, as already things are starting to happen only few days after the course…

The first rule for me was to forgive myself and then to everyone else. The tears started to flow while the heart were opening and there’s still something happening on the heart and body area. What I needed to do was just let go. From where ever this writing comes from, my day mind / conscious mind can not convince me this deeply. I don’t control or doubt anymore. Ego is a good worker but a poor host.

Well, here we go and the heart is pulsating on the waves of change, my chains are dripping into the ground… letting me face the freedom. I’ve been forced to process a lot, I mean that I’ve been studying myself a lot. Once I participated in an intuitive writing online course, but I kind of did not quite get it started. Now I feel finally that this is the key and the key is inserted into the lock, and it opened the door to a very beautiful landscape and the door opens slowly more and more. The threshold has been exceeded! Today finally I looked in the mirror with new eyes. The smile came from my eyes … have I become crazy? But if so, I prefer that because this feels like love.”

Annika, 45 years

“This process does not only work on a certain time while you have the paper and start to tear down your feelings on a blank sheet of paper – no, it will continue and gain strength, changes its shapes and dig your soul even if you sleep. You will open up more and more even if you do not think about it. At least for myself it it this way. I also noticed, that things happen clearly intentionally to support this process of cleansing and opening-up. There will step along so-called supportive measures that go hand in hand with my healing. In other words, once you have started, you cannot or even want to turn back. The fire of writing must be fed and fed, even if you wouldn’t consciously know how to do it.

Sometimes there are days when the soul is resting and its activity is more peaceful, but then again becomes a compulsive need to write down the next “cake”, leave it there and forget it. We need it, though we may not always know the backgrounds of our painful moods and emotions. When we write them down, they get shape and stop being part of us, part of the everyday burden that we carry with us from everlasting times. Happy Soul Connection journey to everyone!”

Irma Asikainen, 67 years old, Lahti Finland

“The Soul Connection Method has been a valuable support and a key to blocks that I couldn’t enter before.”

Woman, 23 years

“It seems to me that something fell in place and I got keys, which I have been looking for many years. Time will tell more detail what the results are, but after the course I noticed my body relaxing and the joy of life has begun to be found.”

Woman, 36 years old

“After the course I am unbelievably calm all the time. I am full of love.”

Woman, 45 years

“The course was interesting, relaxing and empowering, and in some unimaginable way I managed to get in touch with my deep-frozen inner child, and this all in all felt feasible and safe. Now after the course I am more conscious and hopeful and I believe that recovery is possible. Thank you!”

man, 60 years old

“The course was a prerequisite for growth and self-exploration, and encountering scary things is no longer so frightening: before the course I was a bit scared but now all that has disappeared. Instead, there is a hopeful and enthusiastic person in its place. I feel more relaxed, light and wonderful in many ways.”

Woman, 35 years

“The experience for me was new and positively confusing. I feel really comfortable, good and more confident, the course itself was clear and unremitting, a really positive and self-helping one!”

man, 38 years old

“I was expecting to get started with my unconscious matters. First it felt strange and funny when the writing itself started. The relaxation was successful and the atmosphere was peaceful and open. “Incredible” is the first word on my mind to describe this course. If I had known in advance what the course is going to include, I might not have believed. Now I know that my inner child has something to say.”

Woman, 40 years

“The course is really recommended. It gave me faith and hope for healing and it created a new connection between my unconscious and conscious minds. It was a good experience all in all. I got new helpful tips and during the exercises I got warm energy waves. It was really interesting.”

– Woman, 45 years old

“Before coming to the course, I was stressed out. After the course, the stress disappeared and I felt surprisingly rested. This time the course helped me to relieve stress since this was already my second course!”

Woman, 38 years

“I got nice memories from my childhood. Before the course I was stressed and tired. Afterwards I felt calm and refreshed. This course helped me to reach my inner self, which in this busy everyday life remains pretty much ‘under the surface’, hidden. This course strengthened me.”

– Woman, 42 years old

“The course was interesting. It helped me with my inner conflicts and to find out who I really am. I found a very relaxed space. I was also able to connect with my inner child.”

Woman, 40 years