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The Book of Chaos and Harmony – Get Organized Without Stress


This stress eliminating book is a marvelous tool for life and stress management. You cannot totally avoid stress but a right kind of life management will help you towards lightness and peace of mind. A more peaceful mind allows you to be more present at this moment. The book will lead you where you have always wanted to go, where you can be free of responsibilities and conflicts of creativity.

Secret weapon for better concentration ♥

Are you striving for balance in your life? Do you want to forget constant tiredness and stress? People with entrepreneur spirit are often overbooked with numerous ideas and thoughts making their lives hectic and uncontrollable.  The book aids you to concentrate on important things instead of stress and hurry. You will also notice the right angles of matters and go to them much faster.

Every thought you have, has an emotion attached to it. Everything’s made of energy and it’s vibrating in your subconscious mind with a certain frequency. What we can do to help ourselves to calm our mind, to be more focused and concentrate better, is to remove the emotion that’s attached to the thought.

When we actively use a tool that’s especially created for a certain purpose, we tend to move the thoughts and emotions from our unconscious to our conscious mind and release emotions that have been attached to the thought or matter. This stress management book help you to calm your mind down with easy tips and tricks. The Book of Chaos and Harmony will help you to make your dreams come true and to organize your projects.


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Who is this book for?

The answer to the question is quite a cliché – it’s for everybody. The Book of Chaos and Harmony helps the young and old, you and me.

  • The book is meant to enhance ideas and absolutely anyone can use its benefits.
  • Cannot concentrate? The book helps you to focus.
  • It’s a tool for an imaginative but stressed person as well as an enterprising and creative person who’s always in a hurry, who’s got all kinds of things going on and don’t have enough time for much anything.
  • The book is recommended for apathy, depression or when you need that certain spark to your life. Or if you just want to enjoy being organized.
  • It helps to get rid of anxiety, unnecessary hastiness and insomnia. The book also is said to improve self-knowledge and being therapeutic.
  • This book is the right choice when you want to advance in your personal life, get stress reduced and clear the ongoing chaotic situation in your life. The relief brought by the book is long-lasting: if you use it regularly, it continues to create balance and peace of mind.

A functional workbook and a tool for managing stress + an easy-to-follow guidance.

It’s a great gift! When you puzzle over a question ”What to buy for a gift?”, this practical book is an appreciated and a delightful present. The Book of Chaos and Harmony is the best possible gift especially to yourself, but also for a friend who’s too busy, a loved one, a relative or anyone that wishes for happiness and balance.


No more insomnia! This book will help you to get sleep

What a wonderful book! I was able to calm my nights down almost straight after I started using this book. I keep the book on my bedside table. If I have any trouble getting sleep during the night, I clear my mind by writing down my thoughts in the book. Simply knowing that the book is there, will help. If something bothers me in the night, I just write it down in the book. This way I don’t have to worry all night long or try to remember my thoughts in the morning.I use the book 4-7 times a week, mainly during nights. It has reduced my stress 80% and calmed my sleep a lot, which has also balanced my day time. Likewise, I’m no longer afraid to go to bed and try to fall asleep, because I know the rescue is on my bedside table should I feel stressed or anguished.I’m so excited about this book! It’s unbelievable but I haven’t felt this relaxed for years. The book is my best bedtime pal and a reliable friend I can tell everything to.

– Minna, 40 years old


About the book

This 60-page book is practical and provides plenty of pages for both notes and remarks. The size is a little smaller than A4 so it fits easily in a folder or a bag.

  • A separate chapter & how to control chaos
  • A separate chapter & how to organize your thoughts and ideas
  • 20 pages on the Chaos side for you to fill in
  • 20 pages on the Harmony side for you to fill in


Free relaxation exercise for you


Normal price: 24,90 EUR (incl. VAT 10 %)
Language: English / Finnish
Pages in total: 60
Measures: 280 x 180 mm x 5 mm | ca. 200 g
Volume: 1. volume
Year of publication: 2016
ISBNISBN 978-952-68318-4-8 (binding), ISBN 978-952-68318-5-5 (PDF)
Publisher and authorMaijamedia Oy, Maija Luomala
Delivery: Via mail or pick-up as agreed in Porvoo, Finland at the office of Maijamedia Oy.
Time of delivery: 1-14 workdays, depends on a destination


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Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 280 × 180 × 5 cm